What's happening Mar 14, 2018

London is 10,841km from B1G1’s Singapore HQ.

Two weeks ago, I made this journey to attend B1G1x…and it was worth travelling every metre.

This fantastic event, hosted by B1G1 partner, Steve Pipe, served as an opportunity for current B1G1 members to connect, share ideas and listen to a host of inspirational speakers.

Amongst those inspirational speakers was Nicky Mih, Co-Founder of Free to Shine, an incredible B1G1 Worthy Cause striving to prevent sex trafficking in South East Asia.

Free to Shine works with local authorities and communities to reach the most at-risk rural girls, reducing their vulnerability to trafficking by improving their access to education & providing them with social work support.

Nicky’s presentation was quite something; educational, emotional and massively thought provoking.

When reflecting on her journey with Free to Shine and the key lessons she had learned along the way, Nicky shared an insight which I’ve thought about every day since:

Look at what you can do, not what you can’t do.

I loved this.

These words were a perfect reminder of something hugely important.

At that moment, I was NOT just stood in a room full of business owners who were also B1G1 members. Instead, I was stood in a room surrounded by a community. A community of like minded businesses who – through B1G1 – are the embodiment of focusing on what can be done, rather than on what can’t be.

Each and every day, this community (which comprises hundreds of other inspiring businesses from around the world) are generating meaningful global impacts through their everyday activities, all in an effort to achieve B1G1’s ultimate goal: CREATING A WORLD FULL OF GIVING.

Some of these global impacts were highlighted by Nicky, who concluded perfectly by sharing what the B1G1: Business for Good Community have enabled at Free to Shine to date:

  • 377 days of anti-trafficking officer services
  • 6,174 days of keeping a girl in school
  • 1,089 family visits
  • 272,953 extra tuition classes
  • 3,143,929 days of access to library books
  • 34,260 days of access to bicycles
  • 2,833 people prided with community training
  • 198 days of access to medical care
  • 1,344 days of university education
  • 393,511 days of access to a vegetable garden
  • 1,759,239 days of safe drinking water

…It really is amazing what can be achieved when you look at what you can do, not what you can’t do.

Jack Blenkinsopp

Jack loves connecting with businesses who are keen to learn more about the B1G1 Movement. He also loves coffee. A lot.

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