IMPACTFUL: Part 1 – Starting (again) with B1G1

Insights May 30, 2024

I have been an active B1G1 member since 2010.

And I’ve been firm friends with the co-founders, Masami Sato and Paul Dunn.

But in 2020 COVID forced me to take stock of what really mattered.

And what I did next changed both how I use B1G1… and it changed my life.

Today I am lucky enough to be blessed with a little grandson. But back in 2020 he hadn’t been born.

Even so, I sat down and wrote the open letter (you can see it below) to my future grandchildren, to all our future grandchildren, and to the world.

A white paper with black text

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Figure 1 - My letter to our grandchildren

That letter was a turning point for me.

And ever since writing it I have tried to use Masami and Paul’s ‘Business for Good’ thinking -  and the B1G1 impact tools that enable them - in every corner of my life (not just in my business, as had been the case until then).

Figure 2 - Steve and his grandson

There was an appendix to my letter that set out the specific actions I committed to taking in 2020. But I have not included it here, because it has been superseded by what I have learned since then.

Instead, I will use this regular IMPACTFUL blog series to share what I (and now many other inspiring people and businesses) have learned, and how we are using it to be much more impactful, successful, fulfilled and happy.

No theory. No waffle. And no fluff.

Just real world examples and truths drawn from personal experience.

For me, it now always starts with the question…

How can I best use the B1G1 principles and tools here?

I ask this question every single time, in every corner of my life.

And it takes me to some wonderful places. For example…

A new way to say thank you

A little while ago we were rescued from a plumbing emergency by a brilliant plumber who dropped everything to sort it out. I did all the usual things to thank him (paying the same day, writing him a 5-star review, and saying thank you in person). But it still didn’t feel enough.

So, after asking myself “How can I best use the B1G1 principles and tools here?”, I had some little thank you cards printed business card size by an online printer.

A qr code with text

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Figure 3 – My thank you card

And the QR code on the card takes people through to the B1G1 Enhanced Engagement in Figure 4.

A screenshot of a website

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Figure 4 – The B1G1 Enhanced Engagement behind the thank you card

So now, when I want to thank anyone for anything, as well as doing all the usual things (including tipping where appropriate), I also hand them the card and say…

I’m trying out saying ‘thank you’ in a slightly different way
that I hope will put a smile on your face.

I have also made a conscious decision not to put my name or contact details on the cards – since that way they can be used by my family too, and the focus is always on the recipient and the impact they're able to create, rather than on us the people giving them the card.

So in most cases, I don't actually know how people react when they follow the QR code. But I do know that they are really intrigued when I give it to them. And the reaction from the one or two people who have gone on to track me down, suggests that people really love it.

In addition, I get a real buzz out of giving it to them.

Of course, you could use this idea in a business context too…  perhaps having a standard thank you card containing your branding that all your team can give away… or even personalised cards for every team member, containing their contact details as well as your branding.

Next time…

In future editions of IMPACTFUL I’ll be sharing many more practical and inspiring examples of the ways B1G1 is helping me and others to become more richly rewarded in our businesses and our lives.

IMPACTFUL is a blog series by B1G1 member Steve Pipe. You can connect with him here, and see why we named him B1G1’s first Global Impact Envoy here.

If you’re interested in becoming a Business for Good, complete the Giving Plan below. We’ll send you a personalized plan to help get you started.

Steve Pipe

Steve Pipe is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, chartered accountant and founder of the AVN association of proactive UK accountants.

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