How Using the New B1G1 Engagement Tool Makes Such a Difference for Your Business

Insights Jul 10, 2023

The new Enhanced Engagement Tool really is a seriously enhanced tool for you. It gives you limitless possibilities for creating meaningful impact in exciting ways.

One of our members, Siobhan Mullins from Canberra Australia, used these words to describe the new tool;  “Oh WOW! It’s innovative, non-time intensive, happens without thinking, feel-good, removing hurdles to giving” and went on to add:

Review from Siobhan Mullins from Separate Together

Here we explore some inspiring examples of how, when and where you can incorporate impact engagements into your own day-to-day activities in extraordinary ways…

Websites and Mailers

For any business with an online presence

The new tool provides you with so many opportunities to engage and really connect with visitors to your website. For example, everytime a new person subscribes to your newsletter, the new subscriber can have their first, wonderful experience with your business by selecting an impact of their choice. The same goes for contact form submissions - once your website visitors have submitted and received their confirmations, you could add the link to provide them with the opportunity to select an impact in the world.

Connect with your newsletter subscribers using the B1G1 Engagement Tool

With the Enhanced Engagement Tools ‘embed’ feature, you also have the option to embed your Engagement onto a web page of choice, making it so much easier to select there and then!

And for your regular newsletters, a question we know many marketers ask themselves is; “How do I differentiate our business newsletters from all of the other newsletters going out"

Imagine the excitement of opening up a newsletter to discover a selection of amazing projects you can choose from! When you incorporate the new B1G1 Engagement Tool into newsletter campaigns, you can give your subscribers the chance to select a specific impact related to your campaign objective.

Enhance your email campaigns by embedding the B1G1 Engagement Tool

In-store or online purchase

For coffee shops, restaurants and retail stores

Now using the new tool, you really can seize the moment when customers make a purchase at your store to make them feel connected to something greater than their transaction—a shared purpose between them and your business.


Imagine the delight of buying a morning coffee and having the choice to provide a day's worth of clean drinking water to someone in need. These meaningful experiences elevate a simple purchase into something transformative, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Setting up Impact Options on an iPad at the check-out counter

Setting up a user-friendly display of the Impact Options on an iPad at the counter allows customers to select their impact after making a purchase. The page automatically refreshes after a few seconds, enabling the next customer to make their choice.

Alternatively, you can provide customers with a printed QR code to scan at checkout, giving them more time to explore each project and make an informed decision before selecting their impact.

Printed QR code that brings customers to the Impact Options webpage


Online shopping is everywhere and ‘ordinary’. But now it no longer has to be ordinary.

Imagine the delight of completing your purchase and, as the payment confirmation arrives, being presented with the chance to choose an impact that deeply resonates with you. This creates an element of surprise that has an astonishing impact on shoppers too! Not only have they successfully made their payment, but they can also extend their connection with the company by creating something truly beautiful in the world.

Delighting your customers by letting them pick an impact after completing a purchase

Financial Transactions

For accounting firms, law firms or agencies

Firms have a unique opportunity to empower their clients by offering them the choice to make a meaningful impact when they sign up for accounting services or engage in literally any client communication or interaction.

By transforming financial transactions into opportunities for meaningful engagement, differentiation, connection and positive social impact, you can let clients  select impacts that align with their values with every interaction they have with you. Imagine how this not only transforms the traditionally perceived negative experience of requesting payment into a positive and joyful engagement with your business, but also showcases the tangible difference clients are making through their association with you.

Transforming financial transactions into meaningful connection with B1G1 Engagement Tool

To ensure consistency throughout your business, consider incorporating a link to the Engagement Tool on your standard invoice template, accompanied by a special note inviting clients to follow the link and select an impact. Additionally, if you wish to choose projects that resonate with your industry, we have compiled a list of income-generating projects that you can include in your Engagement.

Income-generating projects you can include in your Engagement Tool

Events & Zoom Calls

The new Engagement Tool automatically produces everything you need to really connect with audiences, whether those audiences are in-person or online via Zoom, Google Meet or Teams.

For example, at a click, you can produce a QR code on your screen for people to instantly scan and get directed to a beautiful graphic allowing them to choose an impact they resonate with.

Let your event participants choose an impact via a QR code on your screen

Or you could include a link in an email or fully embed the Engagement Tool into your website.

Imagine you’re on a call and the person hosting the call says, “To thank you for being here with us today, could you just get your cameras out and scan this QR code?’  You do that and instantly see a great message PLUS the option to choose the impact you’d like your host to create on your behalf.

It’s an ‘Oh my Goodness' moment.

We think that’s precisely what you’ll be saying as you use the new Engagement Tool.

Do let us know (and tell us what unique ways you’ve found to use it too.)

Brontë Westcott

Brontë oversees Marketing and Member Experience in B1G1. She brings to the task a lightness that has both amazing depth and a level of joy that people love being around.

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