Insights Apr 02, 2015

We’re thrilled to be able to share this post from one of our B1G1 Lifetime Partner, Adam Houlahan.

Adam has been a partner for a year now, and he posted on his website to mark the 12th month since he started giving with B1G1:

Is it just me or does it seem like the last 12 months went by in a blur of activity?

Regular visitors to my blog are accustomed to expecting weekly tips on all things social media, today’s post is for once about something far more inspiring.

Around this time every year, I take some time to reflect on the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year. Mostly just to see if things are on track, and make small adjustments were needed. One of the BIGGEST learnings this time was the true meaning of the “Power of Small”.

It was 12 months ago this month that the universe conspired to ensure, that the Chairman of B1G1, Paul Dunn and I met as co presenters at an elite coaching forum in Brisbane Australia. This was no chance meeting, it was orchestrated by a mutual friend, Dr David Dugan.

To say it was a life changing day seems to undersell the chain of events this meeting set in motion. Fortunately my presentation took place before Paul’s as anyone who has heard him speak would attest, he is one of the most engaging and dynamic speakers you will ever witness. However it was the topic Paul presented that was the game changer, The Power of Small.

I have witnessed my fair share of great presentations over the years, yet I cannot recall ever being so motivated to take immediate action as I was on this day.

The Power of Small is a simple concept whereby everyday businesses and individuals can make BIG impacts. Paul sums it up in this way, ‘Imagine when you enjoy a cup of coffee… someone in need receives access to life saving water. Or ‘When you purchase a TV you give the gift of sight.’ Small actions, big impacts!

Today, I have grown so accustomed to doing this on a regular basis, it is simply ingrained into every facet of my daily business life.

Every time somebody purchases one of my books or connects with my on LinkedIn people in need get the gift of sight. When my clients purchase my coaching sessions children get the gift of education, and many other amazing impacts too.

This is the wonderful initiative B1G1 developed, and just today it hit home to me the true meaning of the Power of Small. You see just a short 12 months down the track, my small but regular contributions have now impacted 100,001 people in a positive way.

Never would I have imagined such an incredible outcome or that one small business could create so many smiles. Little wonder that the thousands of similar businesses around the world has now collectively created 60 million smiles.

No different to many business owners I know, I was under the mistaken belief that the gift of giving was reserved for large companies with deep pockets. Being a part of B1G1 is akin to being a part of a large family of like-minded individuals who just get it.

So, like all milestones and benchmarks that set the bar to leap over going forward, I am adding a reminder to my calendar for March 31st 2016, it simply says “300,000 smiles by today”.

I imagine when this amazing day comes to pass, just like today that extra smile will see us reach 300,001.

That extra one is mine :)

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Adam Houlahan

Adam Houlahan is B1G1's Lifetime Partner. He provides SMEs with the tools to take control of their online presence.

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