Providing Stability and Prosperity: Meet Our Income Generation Projects

Project Stories May 19, 2020

At B1G1, just like we encourage the idea of ongoing, habitual giving, we also believe in sustainable methods that provide opportunities for improved livelihood, ongoing stability, and peace of mind. These ideas are often considered luxuries, but overall financial stability undoubtedly plays an important role in creating a better future.

Whether directly or through a friend or family member, we’ve all experienced the struggles of unemployment in our lives. Affecting general livelihood, unemployment can cost families’ physical and mental wellbeing and have a serious impact on future generations as well.

For the past years, the United Nations have been closely monitoring the effects of unemployment and the changes in proper employment conditions can bring. They noted that individuals earning enough money and experiencing security within their jobs are in close connection with various other SDGs, such as reduced inequalities, good health and wellbeing, and zero hunger. This means that income generation and secure employment are crucial steps towards improving global livelihood.

How can we reach that change?

Income generation projects have a sharp focus on addressing poverty by creating new economic opportunities. When a person is given this opportunity, they can break out from financial hardship and create a sustainable way of living. The assistance can come in various forms, ranging from providing proper education and training to helping aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.


Unemployment in rural areas can easily be tackled through entrepreneur training and workshops centered around specific skills. By empowering individuals, many of our Worthy Causes are identifying and opening up new opportunities for low-income communities. These trainings also raise awareness about the dangers of exploitative work and help aspiring business owners to embark on their passion and gain a steady source of income.

Train a local technician to start a business

In previous years, Tanzania has maintained a stable economic growth of 6-7%. Supporting the growth of the country by training individuals, MSABI paves the way for a new profession for locals. The training includes an essentials work skills course and practical experience, alongside management training to help future technicians sustain their business.

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Empower women to start their own businesses

So They Can uplifts women by unlocking the opportunity of setting up their own businesses. With the help of the project, women can discover and transform their skills into sustainable business plans, ranging from opening small shops to selling their artwork on markets.

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Fund an intern's university education

Inspiring students to discover potential employment options, This Life Cambodia (TLC)'s project focuses on providing education for high school graduates from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. Students undertaking this training will gain practical experience while maximizing their academic potential.

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Upon receiving training and taking the big first step, it’s time for individuals to make their ideas come to life. Whether it is a small loan, a sewing machine, or a tangerine tree, every income generation program requires the initial essentials - tools aspiring individuals often can’t afford. To ensure that the entrepreneurs receive all the initial assistance for future success, our Worthy Causes offer help in the early stages of opening and running a business.

Providing Sewing Machines For Women

In Bangladesh, almost 3 million women are working in garment factories, earning under the minimum wage. As part of their local income generation program, Every Home Global Concern offers a sewing machine for women, helping them find an ethical solution that shifts away from the unsafe labor conditions of factories.

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Help a Farmer Run a Beekeeping Business

In 2020, The Mango Tree has gifted 40 families the opportunity to run a beekeeping business. The beehives provided by the organization give access to a new way of income generation and improved earnings to families.

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Provide Microloans to Former Loggers in Borneo

Health In Harmony’s program offers seed money and mentoring to loggers who are looking to break away from illegal logging. This transition encourages communities to adopt sustainable strategies while protecting the environment

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Once the business is up and running, additional support can help it improve and blossom into something even more profitable. Just like any other CEO, shop owners, rickshaw drivers, seamstresses, and farmers can also benefit from further guidance while learning the skills of running a long-term, successful business. Bookkeeping classes, management assistance, and further training can all give a helping hand to business owners and help them contribute to their families ’ and communities’ livelihood.

Train a Kindergarten Teacher

Sabre Education’s interactive workshops provide a glimpse into improving school environments and enhancing learning. By participating in the course, kindergarten teachers gain new skills towards creating a stimulating environment for students.

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Provide Bookkeeping Skills For a Woman

Over the years, the Microloan Foundation has reached over 1.2 million people with their amazing income generation projects. With their bookkeeping training, the organization offers relevant financial literacy skills, helping women successfully operate their business and ensure continuity.

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Fund a Social Entrepreneur

UnLtd India nurtures and encourages social entrepreneurs through financial aid and ongoing training. Giving back to their communities, the business owners in the organization’s programs are usually addressing socio-economic issues such as education, health, agriculture, and waste management.

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With the help of income generation projects, individuals from all around the world can embark on new opportunities and take control of their lives. Together, we can uplift communities and give a chance of independence, stability, and prosperity – whether through sharing new skills, supporting new businesses, or assisting the work of a social entrepreneur.

Other wonderful projects empowering people all around the world to start their businesses:

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Alexandra Vincze

Alexandra has lived in many countries, including Hungary, the UK and Italy. With B1G1, she’s been involved in so many projects that became close to her heart.

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