Business Stories Jul 04, 2013

Over a year ago, the owners of Ken Landt Diesel Repairs in the Bundaberg region of Queensland, Australia thought they might sponsor a child in need. Andrea Landt is a Director of the company, and she thought it was time to do something like that: “We really are so fortunate in our wonderful country. Even our poor people are wealthy by world standards. Ken and I have little to give ‘time-wise’, but we do have the financial freedom to give.”

“Then our accountant introduced us to B1G1. We’d not heard of it before, but we really liked the idea of being able to help many people in many different places, as so little we do in western countries seems to make much difference. We also believe as practicing Christians that as we have been blessed with a successful business and we’re in a financial position to help others we would be selfish not to help others.”

You can tell just by talking to them, the Landts are a dedicated couple. As we toured their Scotland Street facility, we realized the symmetry of it all – a company that deals with repairs and maintenance, helping to fix the world at the same time!

“It isn’t easy choosing B1G1 projects,” Ken Landt told us, “They all seem worthy. We try to give to different ones every month. We particularly like to help with immediate needs for living, like clean water & food. Also we look for giving that will help those who are disadvantaged to improve their position in life… things that will generate income through a gift or education.”

Andrea has her own favorite projects,

“I like to help rehabilitate young girls who have been rescued from prostitution. I also like to look for organizations that have few staff and lots of volunteers – that way more help gets to those who need it. We simply can’t comprehend the lives that some people lead – mostly through no fault of their own. Things we think we need would never even be hoped for by so many people in third world countries. While we look through a restaurant menu, they wonder if they’ll even have a meal today!”

The Landts say they particularly appreciate that all of their giving through B1G1 goes to the people ‘on the ground’ and it’s not diluted by administration fees. “I like the fact that all the organizations B1G1 registers have passed a very stringent audit to qualify for their help,” Ken added.

Andrea relates a Christmas memory as we wrap up the interview.

“It gives you an enormous sense of satisfaction to help someone less fortunate. It really is two-way giving, and the numbers add up quickly. At Christmas we thanked our customers and gave them a summary of what we’d achieved together with their support, and we were surprised just how many people we’d given aid to. Our customers tell us that the B1G1 concept has turned out to be a fantastic idea!”

Masami Sato

Masami is the founder and CEO of B1G1 and is the guiding light behind almost every project in B1G1! She is one of the most humble and inspiring people you’ll ever meet.

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