Business Stories Oct 20, 2022

When was the last time you bought a house?

When was the last time you sold a house?

Millions of properties are bought and sold each year. Just imagine if every time this occurred, something amazing happened in our world.

Well, this is exactly what B1G1 member David Lee, a forward thinking, multi award-winning estate and letting agent in Hertfordshire, England are helping to make a reality.


Every time they sell a property they provide 135 days of education to disadvantaged children around the world. And since joining the B1G1 Community a year ago, they’ve helped deliver an incredible 26,730 days of education.

And their giving doesn’t stop there. Every time they move in a new tenant, they provide 10 days of shelter to those that really need it. To date, they’ve helped deliver 736 days of shelter.


These Giving Stories (the linking of every day business activities to B1G1 projects) have enabled David Lee to embed sustainable, habitual and meaningful giving into the very heart of their business.

David Lee’s Co-Founder & Director, Lee O’Brien said,

“Setting up our Giving Stories and carrying out the giving has been so easy. What’s more, the ability to track and display our impacts so that our team members and customers can see them is such a nice thing to be able to do”.

The company recently celebrated their 18th year business anniversary. As part of the celebrations, Lee observed,

“We’ve always supported local charities and local events but as we began to expand our business, it felt like the right time to look at giving to global causes as well. And the result has been wonderful.”
David Kirby & Lee O'Brien


Every one of B1G1’s 450+ projects align with at least one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), something which Lee feels is really important as it allows them to ensure their giving directly impacts the SDGs they’re most passionate about: Goal 3 - Good health and well-being, Goal 4 - Quality Education and Goal 10 - Reduced inequalities.

And the response to their giving from the rest of the David Lee team?

It’s been brilliant!

Lee explained,

“We send out a monthly update to our team letting them know about the impacts which have been created and we often get messages back from them saying how happy they are to be a part of B1G1 and that they’re incredibly proud of the business. It’s such great feedback to receive.”
“Ultimately, it really is so nice to know that David Lee is having such a positive impact outside of just running a business and making a profit”.

We think it’s ’nice to know’ too — it’s so good to hear every day stories like this — do let us know if you have one you’d like to share too.

Jack Blenkinsopp

Jack loves connecting with businesses who are keen to learn more about the B1G1 Movement. He also loves coffee. A lot.

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