Insights Jan 11, 2017

There is no end to the apps we have today. It is common to use apps to send online greetings. You can customise them with emoticons, colourful visuals, and even interactive effects.

I love technology. But still, every year I pick, write and send paper Christmas cards. Just like old times…

Much more goes into writing a Christmas card than people may think. Or maybe people do know, which is why no one does it anymore.

First, you must find the perfect card that’s colourful and not cheesy, possibly with a nice quote, with empty contents or not. Then you need to find addresses or follow up with anyone who has moved in the past year. And most importantly, you need to find a cute coffee place with Christmas music to put you in the right mood, a nice pen and some inspiration.

And no, you can’t write the same message to everyone.

Most of the time, I use Christmas cards as a ‘summary’ of all that’s happened between that person and I in the year. Our fondest travel memory together, laughter, tears, wishing them that one special thing I know they will need or want for the following year.

It takes time and commitment. It’s all about being organized as well, between cards, words and stamps.

BUT, IT’S PRICELESS WHEN I RECEIVE A CARD MYSELF. Or even a WhatsApp message or an email, and the person says “Thank you! Again this year, you haven’t forgotten and I am deeply touched by your card.”

The beauty of it…I love picking stationery and finding that special Christmas card for that special someone. I always imagine the smile on their face when they receive it and open it. I always buy cards I would want for myself.

After all, Christmas is about showing that you care and how important people are to you. It’s about taking the time to be “present” even if miles away.

It is a way to celebrate and say, “YOU MEAN A LOT TO ME”.

I believe that a small Christmas card goes a long way.

As a B1G1 Business owner, I’m learning to see things quite differently.

Now, when I look through my eyes, I see things I simply didn’t see before. I see giving in so many ways now – ways that I did not recognise before B1G1.

In this digital day and age, it’s in the small every day things we do with real thought and care that creates the deepest sense of connection with those around us, and in our business.


Marie Nadal-Sharma

Marie is a B1G1 member, business mentor, and globetrotter at heart who believes anything is possible as long as you are happy. She enjoys sharing uplifting stories too.

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