Transforming the lives of women: stories of women-powered impacts

Project Stories Mar 18, 2024

Here at B1G1 we’re celebrating great people doing great things everyday.

But today, on the back of International Women’s Day, we thought we’d dive a little deeper into some inspiring initiatives for women.


You’ve just got to love that “SHE-E-O’s” title, haven’t you?

In partnership with B1G1 since 2013, Microloan Foundation Australia is dedicated to empowering women in some of the most marginalized communities across the globe.  

An entrepreneur during the visit in Zambia

By offering small loans, business training and mentorship, they enable women to start and grow their own businesses, lifting themselves and their families out of poverty. Over 450,000 female entrepreneurs have been supported to date.

Alice Zulu, one of the many benefactors of their projects, shares her story of hope and success after receiving support from the Worthy Cause.

Alice acquired the necessary agricultural inputs to cultivate maize and soya, ensuring food security for her family despite adversities like termite infestation and erratic rainfall.

“We can afford to purchase what we need to produce good crops. I used to only be able to buy one bag of seeds, but now I can buy two plus fertilizer and pesticides if I need them."

She also diversified her income streams by venturing into microenterprise, establishing a bakery and a chip shop with previous loans. Since receiving her first loan in 2018, Alice's life has undergone a remarkable transformation — she has built a house, improved her family's living conditions, and gained financial independence.

Here's a look at specific projects managed by Microloan Foundation on B1G1.


Everyone deserves access to clean water, and WellWishers Trust strives to make that happen.

Women in some communities in Ethiopia have long been the unsung water heroes as they ensure their families have enough water to drink and stay healthy. However, it was never an easy feat.

Women have to collect water from a distant stream, carrying the weight of water-filled jugs cutting deep into their shoulders. Despite those hardships, the water was of poor quality.

Tsilat Yigzaw, a mother of 3 children, who lives in Tigray, Hawzen Region, Selam District, Gra Tafo village, has been a witness to this daily struggle.

“Telling the truth, for my whole life, the water problem was the biggest and the most disastrous issue in my home. Early in the morning I was rushing to the river to be first of the long queue to collect  dirty water. Even then, distance was not the critical thing; it took me two hours to go back and forth. The main issue was the quality of the water. Many times, my children were getting sick due to the waterborne disease and then I paid much for medical treatment. This was extremely difficult because of my poor financial situation.”

WellWishers Trust, together with the Relief Society of Tigray (REST), helped the construction and rehabilitation of wells — giving clean accessible water supplies for 12,000 villagers in 56 locations across Tigray.

Tsilat Yigzaw from Tigray fetching water from the constructed wells

For Tsilat, the transformation was nothing short of miraculous. No longer did her mornings begin with the burden of fetching contaminated water from distant rivers, but she now dedicates her time to nurturing her family and developing her small business.

But perhaps the greatest gift of all was the promise of a brighter future for her family — no longer shackled by the anxiety of getting sick due to the waterborne diseases, but newfound moments to prepare nutritious meals and prioritize hygiene for herself and her children.

Here's a look at specific projects managed by WellWishers Trust on B1G1.


Every woman deserves the chance to build her own future, brick by brick, dream by dream.

Build It International has established this remarkable legacy of championing women's inclusion in their construction training programs.

A female trainee during Build It International's Women in Construction program

Hosting their first major conference Breaking Barriers, Building Dreams: Women’s Contributions To Zambia’s Building Industry, they forged partnerships and created opportunities for women where none seemed possible. Their mission? To empower young women in the male-dominated field of construction.

Prudence Chisunka shared her thoughts on her bricklaying courses.

"My friends laughed saying that bricklaying courses were only done by males!! I trained hard. Now that I am working, I am able to save. I am saving to open up a business that can sustain myself and my family."

This movement is a reminder that women empowerment transcends borders and industries, touching every aspect of society. It's not just about building structures; it's about building dreams.

Here's a look at specific projects managed by Build It International on B1G1.


Women-centred projects worldwide initiated by different Worthy Causes

Let us remember that women empowerment isn't just about giving women a seat at the table; it's about amplifying their voices, recognizing their worth, and ensuring equal opportunities for all.

If you're passionate about supporting women in diverse communities worldwide, we're thrilled to introduce our Women Empowerment Bundle. This bundle embodies our commitment to fostering inclusivity, breaking down barriers, and advocating for the rights of women everywhere.

Together, we pave the way for a future where every woman can thrive, flourish, and contribute her unique talents to the world.

Alona Mae Abella

Alona works closely with the B1G1 Worthy Cause Department, ensuring projects receive ample support and visibility. She loves writing inspirational story updates.

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