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In my previous post about the power of giving, I promised to zoom in and give you a look at some of the top givers in 2016.

Here we go…… As you’ll see, they are different types of companies. But they all have one things in common: THE REAL GIVING SPIRIT.



Argento makes buying and selling property a pleasurable experience, for both buyers and sellers. Their sole aim is to ‘give a pleasurable service, add massive value, save clients money and make a positive difference in the World.’ Part of their giving is to provide shelters to underprivileged people and children around the world. And, they’re now on a massive mission to create at least another 1 Million giving impacts in 2017!


Bluehat Group & Catalyst Global are sister companies, both working in the field of corporate team-building to transform the culture of businesses around the world. It leads an entire community of partnering companies (40+ partners globally) to deliver exciting and innovative team-building activities. But their biggest aim really is to transform the world by spreading the giving spirit with B1G1! Watch the video above from one of their latest giving campaigns.



Members since 2011, this accounting firm in Ballina Australia has already created over 1.7 Million Giving Impacts. They’re not only generous with their giving to various projects, they also engage and give actively in their community (one of just 26,000 people) and to their clients. This year, they are gifting their clients a very special B1G1 Giving Calendar and actively encouraging their clients to join B1G1. They’re hosting at least one special event with B1G1 Chairman, Paul Dunn as well. Well done!



Dent Global are worldwide leaders in developing Key People of Influence around the world. With offices in the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia, Dent inspires and educates entrepreneurs and leaders to stand out scale up and make an impact (in fact, no one is even allowed on their programs if giving is not embedded into the enterprise ). Central to its bold mission to ‘make a dent’ is their giving mission. A whole host of the entrepreneurs working under Dent’s game-changing programs are now part of B1G1 too!



Peter Dobias and his worldwide team at Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions is a leading natural dog care online business with a mission to improve the lives of dogs and other animals by providing natural and environmental alternatives. They believe ‘The love you have for your dog can help our world.’ Giving via B1G1 is part of that mission. Giving is part of their identity that’s beautifully expressed on their website. Have a dog you love? You MUST check it out!



EQ foundation is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to make sure that every child receives the right to learn and excel in what they love doing. The foundation is an initiative of eQ Businesses that provide coaching, education and event services inspiring people to set goals based on what they truly want to experience in their life and get out of their own way at the same time.



With over 100 years of combined business experience at the highest level, Fluid Business Coaching Essex in UK works out exactly what you want to achieve in business and then aligns you, your business and your team to your vision using the Levels Framework. But creating success purely for the sake of financial gain is not what excites Peter Boolkah. He feels very strongly about giving. And he supports many local charities on top of the amazing giving that he does inside B1G1.



KOBOMO is a retail and online fashion business with a serious passion for fashion. Tempered by a ‘let’s-not-take-this-too-seriously’ approach to fashion, Karen Omerod and her team at KOBOMO let you have fun and be your best authentic self with a zest of difference. And the real difference is also made in the lives of many children as they give back through every fashion item you treasure.


Logistic Bureau is a Supply Chain specialist that helps people and organisations achieve their goals through consulting and education support. Led by Rob O’Byrne, the team at Logistic Bureau incorporates generosity and giving spirit in everything they do. If your business is looking at scaling, why not hire a supply chain guru who treats you as a family and works with you to transform your business? Rob and the team might be just right for you.



Since joining B1G1 in 2013, Mordfin Group in New York, USA has singlehandedly and quietly given 6,761,982 days of access to water to people in Africa. It means that in the last 42 months, they have been providing access to water for at least 5,000 people who live in many remote places. We think it’s so cool to be saving so many lives simply by being an accountant doing what great accountants do.



When Kristy Castleton, the CEO of Rebel & Soul joined the Business for Good Conference this year, she immediately jumped up and offered to run the next conference for free as her company’s contribution to the Business for Good Community. Rebel & Soul is an event management company with a techy edge. But it’s still all about ‘connection’. Their mission is to provide ‘a brand experience that connects’. And they do it so well with their giving too.



RJS Accounting Services are a great example of a tiny firm doing amazing things. Although they’re based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, RJS serves clients over a wide range of locations and industries. Never settling as a ‘normal’ accounting firm, their aim is to help their clients achieve more than they ever thought possible, and have fun doing it. As a result, they make a huge difference to lives around the world through B1G1 as well.


STEVE PIPE AND ACTW (Accountants Changing The World)

Leading the group ‘Accountants Changing The World’, Steve Pipe has been a truly integral part of the beginning of B1G1 as he really championed the idea by inspiring many accountants in UK to join us. While his team alone has created 3,036,845 giving impacts, he also encouraged other accountants to create close to 10 million giving impacts together!



Slumbersac provides parents with an extensive choice of children’s sleeping bags and is a household name synonymous with sleep safety for children of all ages. Slumbersac is passionate to support a good night’s sleep for both children and their parents, all while making a real difference to the lives of people who are less fortunate. Through Slumbersac, you can give a cosy night to your child and make a difference for another.


Tayabali Tomlin is a funky (we never knew accountants could be funky) multi-award winning accounting firm in Cheltenham UK, that maximises the wealth of entrepreneurs by using innovative and effective business growth, profit improvement, tax and exit planning solutions. They are passionate about growing businesses and they believe in making things better by transforming the lives of their clients, their team and those less fortunate. Watch the video above to see what happens in their cool office.

We only set out to feature 16 businesses in this year 2016 reflection post. But we so wish to talk about all of the giving businesses with big hearts in the B1G1 community.

The 21 million giving impacts we achieved in 2016 is only just the beginning.

Here’s to a world that’s full of giving and an ever more thriving, meaningful year ahead!

Masami Sato

Masami is the founder and CEO of B1G1 and is the guiding light behind almost every project in B1G1! She is one of the most humble and inspiring people you’ll ever meet.

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