What's happening May 29, 2015

It has been more than a month now since the first 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal and more than two weeks since the second hit with magnitude of 7.3.

On behalf of the beneficiaries of the Nepal Disaster Relief project on B1G1, we would like to thank everyone for the tremendous support and care you’ve shown. The amount of contribution and quick response from the community to help has been amazing.

We are also very grateful to learn that all our existing Worthy Cause Partners and beneficiaries who were directly impacted by the disaster are safe.

Much of the contributions you made have already been forwarded to Emergency Disaster Relief organisation, International Relief Teams. And since this project was added as an emergency project, it will only be available on the B1G1 list until the 31st of May 2015.

However, we do understand that recovery after a major disaster is a long term effort so if you would like to continue giving your support to the projects in Nepal, you can still do so by giving to the existing B1G1 projects located in Nepal. They would so appreciate your support in this challenging time.

Again, thank you so much for your caring and amazing contributions.

With immense gratitude,

Masami Sato

Masami is the founder and CEO of B1G1 and is the guiding light behind almost every project in B1G1! She is one of the most humble and inspiring people you’ll ever meet.

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