5 Giving Ideas We Love - Inspired by You

What's happening Oct 02, 2019

This month, check out our 5 favourite giving ideas that’ll get you, your teams and your clients inspired, pumped and hooked for the rest of the year.

These ideas have been inspired by other incredible B1G1 Businesses just like yours –  read it, try it, and see if you can guess which B1G1 Businesses inspired them!


Experience the impact of your day-to-day wins by living out your Giving Stories in real life. Choose the little wins you want to celebrate every day and what impacts are to be created with every win. Place a bell in the office so every time an achievement happens, the bell is rung; and simultaneously update a leaderboard with the corresponding number of life-changing impacts that will be created because of that incredible work. Immediately connecting a winning moment to a greater purpose can excite you and your team about what they do!

Another idea is to celebrate the last Friday of every month a little differently! End the day a little earlier and grab some food and drinks with your team/family to celebrate another great month of good, hard work. And take 5 minutes to create your monthly giving together with them and cheers to the lives you impacted as a team – just by doing what you already do!


That comes down to celebrating meaningful milestones with a meaningful giving to sweeten an already happy occasion with the gift of giving. For example, celebrate each team member’s birthday in the B1G1 way. If your client or teammate is turning 38, create 38 or 3,800 impacts on their behalf to celebrate their impact on your life. Or link every dollar earned in the business with an immediate gift to impact another life for as little as one cent. It’s simple, and yet it allows every team member and client to feel closer to the causes that they care about and reinforce the business spirit in your team.


…We feel like it…!”

Celebrate anything, just because it’s a gift to give! Show a random gesture of appreciation for someone with a giving to something they care about. It’s like surprising your best friend with their favourite salted caramel cake from their favourite bakery even when it’s not their birthday.


Involve your teams and clients in choosing the projects – ultimately, you’d want to be sure the giving connects deeply with them! Here’s a quick tip: Choose not more than 3 projects that you’d like to support this month, then have them decide which of these they’d love to support. You can do this with physical tokens for them to place a vote (if you have a physical office location), or do it with a polling system online. Switch up your selected projects every month so you get to impact other lives too! You can also have each of your team to drive the impacts to a B1G1 project or Sustainable Development Goal they’re passionate for and have them to set their own giving goals aligned with the business. Sky’s the limit.


Did you know that conscious gratitude can biologically have a positive impact on our brain, overall health, personal life and business? Keep a daily journal and jot down 3 things you’re grateful for today. It could just be as simple as the ability to drive to work, the air in our lungs, and hugs. Or being able to rectify a mistake for a client, being able to help a teammate with a task, and the work we have. It’s easy to see what we can give when we see the much we have. Let’s pay it forward for everything we’re grateful for this week and bless those with little with the much we have!

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Florencia Lim

It’s hard not to fall in love with B1G1 when you speak with Florencia! She inspires the team too when she shares about the amazing interactions in the B1G1 community.

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