Insights Jun 23, 2016

We all have experienced this: knowing something on the surface and then being amazed and awed when we go deeper.

I can now speak to that feeling, first-hand. When I initially joined the Buy1GIVE1 team, I understood the simple concept that whenever SMEs do business, something great happens.

It soon became very clear, however, that this wasn’t just an idea or a tool. Even the word ‘initiative’ doesn’t do it justice.

The underlying foundation of Buy1GIVE1 is difficult to articulate in a single blog post or website description: it needed a book. And now, thanks to B1G1 Founder Masami Sato, that book — Giving Business — is here.

It is the culmination of a fully fleshed out ideology and the steps needed to make it happen from the ground floor up. And it builds beautifully by transforming the mindset of small business owners so that they create a more wonderful world as a result.

It’s built around an incredibly strong core — a core developed by Masami. In the book she peels back all the layers and takes you straight to that core.

What Masami says in Giving Business just makes so much sense. I would say it’s common sense because she puts it so simply and makes it so easily comprehensible (and actionable)– but it’s not common. It’s nuanced and thought-provoking and will truly transform your business and your life.

After editing the book, I can say ‘I get it’ now: the full picture of what it means to create a world full of giving, and how to do so.


I’d like to start with Masami’s ‘game of life’ analogy. Some people play games to win, and some play for the experience. Masami contends that this true in life as well…and why how we play the game matters most.

Masami introduces the topic like this:

Picture a group of children playing a game and imagine a child throwing a tantrum because he/she is losing. Or a child cheating and annoying everyone else in the group. We might see these as just innocent and common behaviors of children. But the reality is that many adults also play the game of life/business in the same manner.

Some go into emotional turmoil with every little incident and negatively affect the people around them. Some try to cut corners in their business practices at other people’s expenses. Some ignore the agreed-upon rules secretly or deceive others to achieve better outcomes for themselves. And many believe the ultimate aim of life/business is…to win.

What matters more is, in fact, what happens after winning or losing. Would others celebrate and rejoice in your win with you? Would they come support you in times of difficulty? Do you feel as motivated to get back on track after a big failure? Do you feel grateful and satisfied when you experience a win? And how long does that sense of satisfaction last?

The game of life and business has many ups and downs, just like all other games. Winning and losing are just part of the game. Because we don’t always win, we are able to enjoy the experience of winning even more. One day, there comes an end to the game you are currently playing.

How would you like to feel when your game comes to an end?

Going through the motions of your everyday business activities and achieving desired results is great, but Masami brings you along on a journey to show you beyond.

Beyond the wins and the losses.

She shows you how to transform your company culture and create a truly fulfilling place of work, and a more joyful and impactful life because of it.

Get your copy of Giving Business today and begin your journey towards maximizing your potential at work and in the world at large.

Tracy Oppenheimer

Tracy joined B1G1 at the beginning of 2016 to oversee creative content, and produce videos to showcase the amazing things B1G1 & its partners are doing.

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