Creating an equal world for everyone to thrive

Project Stories Feb 22, 2021

This month, we are sharing stories from causes from around the globe that are working hard to fill in the gap so everyone, regardless of gender, age, race or religion can have equal opportunities to build a bright future for themselves.


Story by Malaysian Social Research Institute

Transitions are never easy for refugees and asylum seekers. Apart from experiencing violence and being uprooted from their homes, they still have to face the daunting task of adjusting to life in a new land with unfamiliar cultures.

We are so thankful to B1G1 Worthy Cause - Malaysian Social Research Institute (MSRI). MSRI serves the refugee and asylum seeker communities from Middle Eastern, Central Asian, and African regions, helps them transition to life in a new place by giving them access to proper mental health care, education, and more...

Together with MSRI, you can give refugees and asylum seekers hope in the midst of uncertainties.

Make a difference through B1G1 today.

We are better together

Story by Community Chest of  the Western Cape

In 2020, South Africa was ravaged by COVID-19 - this only added to the country's prevailing issues like poverty and hunger. Yet, it was through this that South Africa saw the power of humanity.

One of the many organizations that showed up was Community Chest of the Western Cape. They rallied together to support families, schools during this extremely difficult period. Over the past three months, together with Community Chest and other partner organizations, B1G1 has helped to give more than 70 food relief boxes and trauma and disaster relief kits across the Western Cape.These kits included much-needed hygiene and PPE products, bedding, beds, and food to the affected communities.

We may not be able to travel to support our friends from around the world for now, but we can continue to support the work of those who directly serve on the ground. Let's keep on moving forward! Read more to see how you can do so.

Thank you for playing your part in moulding a better and equal world for our future generations. Let's continue to build bridges and uplift one another in love.

Jacinth Toh

Jacinth specialized in producing inspiring videos that spread the stories of the B1G1 community far and wide.

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