Top 3 ways you can use B1G1 to engage your teams in impact creation

Insights May 22, 2023

Purpose has been taking over the business world for a while now, with companies looking at how they can do better for their people and our planet. We’ve seen a shift from Shareholder value to Stakeholder value, and a rise of the Great Resignation, where a lot of focus within business has been on how to attract and retain talent.

The pandemic gave people the opportunity to reflect on their lives and values, and there has been an increase in people wanting to work for companies with a focus on purpose.

Working for a purpose-driven company can create a strong sense of belonging – and aligning your company’s value with your people’s value can shape your internal culture. According to McKinsey, helping your team members find their own purpose can lead to higher retention and more fulfilment at work.

I would love to share with you some examples of how, as a business, you can use B1G1 for your team engagement – in three simple ways!

Department-Based Giving

The first is through department-based giving. Imagine if each department within your business was able to create their own 'Giving Stories' based on their business activities.

As a team, they would come together to decide which business activities they would like to set triggers for and select the projects they would like to give to. One activity linked to one project = a 'Giving Story'.

This gives them a chance to connect with the projects and see the tangible impact their work creates. I would recommend doing this quarterly, as it gives the team a chance to come together and review the impacts created – as well as to decide if they want to select a new project for the coming quarter.

Team Medical Supplies do this really well. You can see their impact page here.

Let your team come together to decide which projects to give to.

Impact Tokens: Birthdays, Work Anniversaries and Celebrations

Imagine celebrating a team members birthday, or work anniversary – with impacts! Through B1G1 you can provide everyone with Impact Tokens straight into their personal account - which enables them to find and give to projects close to their hearts.

This is a great way to create engagement and gives them the ability to embed giving into their personal lives too, by creating their own 'Giving Stories'.

Team Member Challenges

The third way that you can use B1G1 for team engagement is through setting challenges! Either personal – or business related.

For example, what if…

...Every time a team member walks to work, you sponsor a bicycle to help a child get to school.

…Every time a team member shows gratitude or has a win, you give to a project of their choice.

…Every time you have a team social, you provide a meal to somebody in need.

Set a challenge so the team can celebrate with a giving everytime a milestone is reached.

There are so many fun and creative ways you can embed giving to create more engagement with your teams! Not only is it a great way to showcase and build your internal culture – but it also demonstrates to your employees that you care about them, and what matters to them.

If you would like to have a conversation about how B1G1 can support you with your Employee Engagement initiatives, feel free to schedule in a call with me right here. I’d love to chat and explore ideas!

Rakhee Shah

When Rakhee’s not talking about B1G1, you can usually find her spending time with her family and friends, at a Bollywood dance class, or on a nature trail somewhere!

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