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Project Stories Jul 30, 2020

Due to its complexity and hidden layers, it is incredibly difficult to have a detailed overview and full understanding of human trafficking. Unfortunately, human trafficking and modern slavery are still present across the whole world. While anti-trafficking organizations are still learning about the full scope of the problem, the most recent estimates show that there are still over 40.3 million victims currently trapped in forced labor.

What is Human Trafficking?

By definition, human trafficking is the action of illegally transporting people from one area to another, for the purpose of exploitation. This act has three defining elements: the action, the means and the purpose. The action and means answer the what is done and how trafficking is done, and the purpose shows more details about the exploitation itself, answering why it is done. While these elements can vary, the main goal of trafficking remains centered around exploiting people for profit, whether that is financial gain, forced marriage or forced labor). Just like its motives, the causes of human trafficking also show a complex pattern – and although it can’t be directly linked to specific factors such as poverty or lack of education, studies show that these factors combined can lead to a higher risk of being trafficked.

Detailing these three elements, the United Nations alongside other organizations have been working towards learning more and educating others about the scale of the problem. Throughout uncovering these details, it has also become apparent that 1 in 4 victims are children, and women and girls are disproportionately affected.

Making A Change

A strong commitment to ending all forms of exploitation fuel our Worthy Causes. Although there is not a direct answer or solution to the problem, there are various ways to minimize its possibility and rebuild lives after years of exploitation. These organizations work with vulnerable communities to not only help prevent trafficking and raise awareness about the problem, but also restore the lives of those who escaped modern slavery.

Creating Safer Communities

Combat Sex Trafficking by Training a Police Officer

Save the Children India tackles the problem by educating law enforcement officers. Their training shines a light on a system that is challenged by insufficient investigations, misrepresentation of the victims and the lack of counselling, and helps the police oversee the complexity of trafficking and create a coordinated criminal justice response.

Provide Counselling to Families to Prevent Child Slavery

Shade Tree Foundation’s project ensures that vulnerable families can stay together and prevent children from falling prey to trafficking. During the counselling sessions, the families receive the tools to consciously plan and envision a brighter future.

Create Public Awareness for Human Trafficking in Nepal

Focusing on preventative measures, ABC Nepal organizes educational rallies in various districts that raise awareness about this global concern. The events are created to educate the public and provide general training about the dangers of human trafficking.

Educate Families to Prevent Child Trafficking and Abuse

By educating the parents and strengthening the families’ bond, Shade Tree helps children flourish throughout their entire lives. The training ranges from details on how to maintain healthy relationships to early childhood development education, with a sharp focus on equipping parents to protect their children.

Rebuilding Lives

Support Medical Visits for Sex Trafficking Survivors

Malnourishment, sexually transmitted diseases and infections are amongst the most common health issues seen in victims of human trafficking. Offering the survivors an urgent, in-depth medical check is an essential project of Blue Dragon, which helps the survivors take their first steps towards rehabilitation.

Give Vocational Training to Human Trafficking Survivors

“Trafficking leaves many scars” – ABC Nepal’s program is set to heal the physical and mental wounds of trafficking survivors with their projects. Through their vocational training program, the organization offers the victims a route to secure income (alongside housing and food for the duration of the course).

Educate Girls Rescued from Sex Trafficking

Dignity, self-respect and independence define the work of Save the Children India. Empowering girls through education, our Worthy Cause provides survivors with the materials and necessary education for a successful future path.

Enable Human Trafficking Survivors to Call Home

Often times, survivors of trafficking can’t return home due to discrimination. Blue Dragon takes them under their care in their shelters, which provide a safe environment for the survivors. The organization also ensures the victims can call home and maintain a healthy relationship with their families, helping them get through these challenging times.

Unfortunately, human trafficking remains a global concern, affecting over 40 million people worldwide (with most victims being women and children). To tackle this issue, the only way forward is to work together – not just to stop trafficking, but to educate and lift the vulnerable communities out of poverty.

Learn More About The Problem the latest UN report on the growth of trafficking

...have a look at ILO’s research on labor rights more about the defining elements of human trafficking

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