B1G1 BRANDING: How to communicate the impacts you're making

Getting Started May 18, 2020


Our members often ask us for ‘the best way’ to incorporate their giving message on their websites. And we do encourage all our members to create a special page to express their impact and their business mission wherever possible.

It’s easy to do so whether it’s by embedding the B1G1 Widget or using the resources from the B1G1 Business for Good media kit. That said, the most important thing about what you display on your special Impact Page is your genuine sharing; the belief you have as a business, the compassion you feel as a person, and the joy you experience through your giving.

We hope you will share your own beautiful page with us too!

Here are some live Impact Pages created by our B1G1 members.

Collins Hume - Australian accountants using B1G1 to enhance their giving, and create a global impact

Blocc Interiors - A UK-based design firm on a mission

Brody Lee - A coaching and event training company that impacting millions of lives

Pivot Wealth - A financial Planning Firm making great impacts

Coromandel Coast - Coffee brand with sustainability as their backbone

Four Points Consulting - Leading with great purpose

Chiroworks - A chiropractor that gives to varied projects to express his gratitude

Lynn & Brown - Disrupting the legal profession

Acacia Training - Rewriting the way training is done

Aspect Legal - A law firm that gives to celebrate their clients

Prominence Global - LinkedIn Masters sharing mastery with others


If you have a retail business, you might want to add the B1G1 message and branding to your product packaging and labels too. This way, your customers and clients can experience the joy of giving with you right at the moment they purchase your product. We’ve listed some examples below for you.



Sometimes, people ask us whether their specific giving activities should be expressed clearly to their clients or if it should be shared more modestly.

While we cannot speak for everyone, we do believe that all B1G1 businesses give because they genuinely care and want to do great things with their business. We believe that because that’s what we share when businesses are interested in learning about B1G1. We encourage every business in B1G1 to communicate their WHY — why they choose to give— because we believe that the only way to create a world that’s full of giving is by encouraging every business to implement regular giving activities.

But that does not mean that we are asking everyone to always express their HOW — how specific business activities contribute to a B1G1 impact — overtly. It’s perfectly fine not to tell anyone about your giving if you want to give privately as a business. And sometimes, you might just want to express your gratitude and share the joy of your giving business to your team and customers, for the part they play in making your business greater and in turn creating even greater impacts together.

We hope you’ll find the best way for you to express your joy, your gratitude, and your belief in how your business desires to make a difference to others. We’re always looking forward to hear your thoughts too!


Over the years, members of the B1G1 Community have generously shared their experience on how to best communicate their giving. And interestingly, a small tweak makes a world of difference when you’re articulating the impacts you create. Here are a couple of these tips when it comes to sharing your impacts:

We’re always here to help you feel confident and excited in expressing how you’re fulfilling your desire as a business to make a greater difference. There are numerous ‘right ways’ of communicating giving. Above all, it’s about making your giving a personal, joyful and resonant message with your business, your teams and your clients. So enjoy the discovery process and watch how it transforms!

Masami Sato

Masami is the founder and CEO of B1G1 and is the guiding light behind almost every project in B1G1! She is one of the most humble and inspiring people you’ll ever meet.

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