Business Stories Apr 05, 2017

Helen Campbell is in the business of better hearing. Today she happily runs four thriving clinics in Australia called Knox Audiology, but this wasn’t always the case. Up until a few years ago, like many business owners, Helen was feeling less than content with her day to day work. So she sought a solution to restore meaning to her career.

One day, she came across B1G1 and decided to give it a go. Helen said,

“Joining B1G1 was just what I was after. It gave a heart to the business. I felt I could connect to something greater than just going to work everyday,”

Helen didn’t just join B1G1, she embedded B1G1 right into the core of the business. It gave Helen and her team that missing piece, transforming the workplace and their lives on a personal level as well.

Knox Audiology gives on behalf of every patient that comes in. Sometimes it’s water, sometimes it’s vitamins for those in need. It just depends on who and what Helen wants to connect with.

Additionally, through B1G1 study tours, Helen has been able to experience the projects first hand and continues that connection upon returning home. Knox Audiology has B1G1 on display all around, showing clips from previous study tours on the office TV monitor. The Knox Audiology website has pages of information about the clinic’s relationship with B1G1 as well.

Helen’s employees and patients alike are so inspired by the giving that goes on through B1G1. It connects them all to the business and the world around them on such a deep level. And embedding B1G1 is just so easy to do. Learn more about joining the B1G1 community today.

Tracy Oppenheimer

Tracy joined B1G1 at the beginning of 2016 to oversee creative content, and produce videos to showcase the amazing things B1G1 & its partners are doing.

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