Business Stories Mar 18, 2020

Too often, giving is framed as a kind of sacrifice or penance. If it doesn’t hurt, some say, you’re not doing it right. But others see giving as a joy – a reason for doing what they do. They can’t imagine their life or work not involving the elevation of others around them. Through giving stories, B1G1 gives partners a means to weave giving into the very fabric of their everyday activities. Many businesses love to run with this idea and come up with fun, innovative ways to integrate giving into their work and culture, often bringing their clients and communities into the fold.

This approach seems to resonate especially well with businesses in the health and wellness industry. Already attentive to the well-being of their clients, it’s natural to extend that focus to others in need.

Here are a few examples of health and wellness businesses that are reinventing workplace giving through B1G1 giving stories… and loving every moment of it.



STORY BY: Dr. Ketan Shah

No good business keeps their customers waiting unnecessarily, or intentionally – that’s not exactly a sound fiscal plan. But things do happen from time to time. Fortunately, in the event that a customer’s appointment doesn’t begin at the agreed time, there is a bright side at UK’s Brightside Dental.

For every ten minutes that run past a client’s appointment time, Brightside contributes to one of its favorite B1G1 projects. This inventive way of turning a negative into a positive harkens back to the old swear jar where one gave up a quarter for using foul language (people of dubious character could amass quite a savings).

Rest assured, though, that Brightside doesn’t hang all its giving stories on the free time of their clients. Contributions are routinely made for new client sign-ups, hygiene bookings, certain types of treatments, and for each new enrollment in their membership club. Dr. Ketan Shah, who runs one of Brightside’s North London clinics, says that clients appreciate the involvement in giving programs, but that it also draws applicants looking to work at such a caring and forward-thinking enterprise.

“That reputation is attracting like-minded people to our practice,” Ketan says.

From sponsoring children and providing school supplies to helping build homes, Brightside is making the most of its B1G1 partnership to better its community, employees, clients, and world – and creating smiles in the process.


LOCATION: Perth, Australia

STORY BY: Shannon Burford

Shannon Burford is singularly focused on helping people live healthier lives. Everyone – now and in the future, at home and abroad. Cura, his Integrative Medicine and Naturopathy center, does that for its clients in Perth by combining traditional medicine with modern technology.

But helping his clients is only a small part of Shannon’s broader vision. While he looks forward to one day opening a children’s clinic in Cambodia, he’s making an immediate impact now by partnering with B1G1 to support projects he and his staff are passionate about. Each client is sent a thank-you card after treatment at Cura explaining that their patronage helped someone in need through B1G1.

What strikes Shannon is the grateful response from his delighted clients. Some give thank-you cards in return, others bring in fresh fruits or herbs from their gardens, or otherwise express gratitude for being included in the giving.

“The more you give, the more you get back,” Shannon says.

His giving story is simple but has had unexpected results that have transformed his understanding of the power of giving.


LOCATION: Australia

STORY BY: Ben Murphy

Imagine that you could drop a pebble into a jar, and a child halfway around the world would have access to much needed clean water for 30 days. Seem like magic? Think again. Australian wellness center Kula Health has set up this very scenario in their fascinating and joyful giving story, and it’s all too real.

After treating the health and wellness of their clients, Kula ritualistically offers them a small pebble and invites them to choose a community in need by placing the pebble into one of three jars. Many first-time customers are initially perplexed when someone suddenly hands them a stone in the lobby, but co-founder Ben Murphy says that their faces light up once they learn what they have become a part of.

“This allows the happiness and healing to literally transfer to something greater,” Ben says.

The ceremony is embedded in the culture, now, at Kula – bringing joy to employees and clients alike. Ben says that’s all part of the plan. Bringing clients into the giving story is an integral part of the wellness process, and everyone’s the better for it.

These three businesses each have a different approach to giving that reflect the individual personalities of their founders, staff, and even their clients. But they all share a common thread. Giving is not a by-project of what they do, it is part of who they are. They could no sooner end their giving stories than they could stop accounting or marketing activities.

The good they do for people all over the globe, one giving story at a time, don’t cut into their bottom line – it is rather part of it.

R. Vincent

R. Vincent enjoys reading about the dedicated people and innovative businesses of B1G1 as much as he enjoys writing about their inspiring work.

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