Business Stories Feb 29, 2024

Marketing plays such an important part in everything we all do. Here at B1G1, we're fortunate enough to have many great marketing agencies doing seriously wonderful things.

Let's take Brevity for example.

It's not your ‘normal’ marketing agency. Kaia Vincent, Brevity’s founder, wanted to do better. So she set out to build a marketing agency with heart. Having worked with other agencies and been disillusioned by the way business was conducted, she wanted to create something different… which, almost 14 years ago, was a bold thing to do.  

Rather than overpromising to clients, Kaia made sure Brevity were open about their own capabilities and what they could deliver.  

Now, with a clearly defined Vision, Mission, and Purpose, Brevity is here to support passionate entrepreneurs (or "Missionaries," as they like to call them) who want to make the world a better place. Their principles of People, Planet, & Profit guide every project, partnership, and decision within the agency.  

B1G1 Co-Founder, Paul Dunn and Partnerships Manager, Rakhee Shah with the Brevity Team

When you meet with Kaia, one thing that stands out for you is the way her agency has bridged the professional and personal ‘divides’. Not only are sustainable practices incorporated throughout the business, but they also improve employee engagement too.  

This is done through organizing volunteer days and setting sustainability challenges every month (for example, once a week making a meal out of leftovers, or turning your washing machine down from 40 degrees to 30). Simple practices that provide education, build a habit, and create a fun challenge!  

Kaia originally heard about B1G1 in 2021, and this was her first introduction to the Global Goals too. While Brevity has always given to charities, it was previously more sporadic – with B1G1, they’ve found it much easier as all the projects are verified, and they have a deeper connection and more meaning behind their giving. Now, they can align with the Global Goals and share their impact widely.

We love that when something amazing happens in your business, you can make something awesome happen for someone else in the world.

Brevity supports a wide range of projects and has completely integrated giving into their organization. Some of the Recurring Impacts they have set up include:  

  • When a new client chooses to work with them, they give two life-transforming surgeries to visually impaired people.
  • When somebody completes one of their surveys, they provide school meals for a day to children in need.
  • When they send out monthly invoices to a customer, they give a reading book to a child.

Alongside those Recurring Impacts, every time an employee completes a monthly sustainability challenge, they use one of B1G1’s Carbon Offset Bundles to offset that employee’s emissions. In this simple way, they support multiple different projects which range from tree planting, rescuing food going to landfills, and providing families with access to solar lights.  

Most recently, they creatively used B1G1 at an event where they had a stand. To attract people to visit them, they had life-size cardboard cutouts of some recognizable faces – and anybody who visited their stand and took a selfie with their favorite celeb could make something awesome happen for someone else in the world.

Kaia at the Brevity Arms booth during an event. The booth featured life-size cardboard cutouts of British celebrities with B1G1 projects linked to them.

Each celebrity was linked with a B1G1 project:  

Marcus Rashford: Young adults in India will benefit from 100 days' access to life skills training through sports.

Sir David Attenborough: 14 square meters of forests in Indonesia will be saved to support orangutans.

Jamie Oliver: 20 children will benefit from a school meal in Kenya.

Mary Portas: 180 days of financial and business training will be enjoyed by women in Burundi.

Not surprisingly, their stand was one of the busiest!  

It’s great to see all the innovative ways Brevity is using B1G1 to enhance its engagement, both with clients and employees! As Pledge 1% members and B1G1 Champions, they want to continue to create all their impacts through B1G1 and refer more people to join the movement too.  

In her spare time, Kaia is also an independent visitor (IV) for a child in care, and a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs. “Paying it forward gives you something money can’t buy,” she says. “It’s important to do things because it’s just the right thing to do!”

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Rakhee Shah

When Rakhee’s not talking about B1G1, you can usually find her spending time with her family and friends, at a Bollywood dance class, or on a nature trail somewhere!

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