Getting on Purpose and Fit — Simultaneously: Anytime Fitness x B1G1

Business Stories Mar 28, 2024

Like many things, it started with a simple idea: Imagine if every time someone checks in at an Anytime Fitness Asia gym, a life is transformed around the world.

With thousands of check-ins happening every single day (and night!), you can now imagine the massive, life-changing opportunity this presents to change lives around the world. That’s why we’re excited to be partnering with the fastest-growing gym franchise in the world.

A Partnership for Good: Luke Guanlao and Masami Sato.

In collaboration with Luke Guanlao, the group CEO of Inspire Brands Asia and Anytime Fitness Asia, the Master Franchise licensee of Anytime Fitness in Asia representing eight countries, we're thrilled about the meaningful partnership unfolding between Anytime Fitness Asia and B1G1.

Every time someone checks-in, someone in need receives water, education or health benefits. And there are less immediately obvious benefits too.

For example Lisa, an inspiring instructor at Anytime Fitness in Singapore tells us she finds even greater fulfilment in her work knowing that each new clients’ gym check-in automatically leads to an impact being created for a high impact. In Lisa's words:

I feel like there is so much we can offer to help, we just have no access to do it by ourselves, individually. This movement encourages people to join in and help a lot more people who need more help than we do…

And of course, the impact on Anytime Fitness gym members is pretty profound too. With every check-in, they're helping to make a life-changing impact in the world possible for someone they may never meet.

How a Partnership for Good begins with great alignment and leadership

Luke Guanlao said it well in his announcement about the B1G1 x Anytime Fitness partnership;

Like many other business leaders, I’ve always wanted to do more. I’ve wanted to make our business even more purposeful and impactful as we grow faster and stronger into this next chapter. - Luke Guanlao

When a leader embraces the ethos of being a Business for Good, this influences every aspect of their actions, becoming ingrained in the practices of every team member across the organization. It guides daily decisions and shapes strategic planning, paving the way for a brighter, better future and a happy, more purposeful team.

It's the shared passion of Luke Guanlao, Masami and Paul (the founders of B1G1) that’s brought the extensive network of fitness clubs and dedicated Anytime Fitness x B1G1 communities together. When businesses unite for a common purpose, they create an enormous potential to create positive change on a global scale.

If you’re interested in becoming a Business for Good, complete the Giving Plan below. We’ll send you a personalized plan to help get you started.

Brontë Westcott

Brontë oversees Marketing and Member Experience in B1G1. She brings to the task a lightness that has both amazing depth and a level of joy that people love being around.

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