Insights Jun 11, 2020

Does paying to be a part of the B1G1 business giving community make business sense? After all, aren’t we just giving our money away…

We (Combat Pest Control) started with B1G1 in March this year with the commitment to Educate a Street child in Afghanistan with each paid invoice we received.

March enabled us to provide 33 days… Which we were overjoyed with.

October just provided 143… Unreal!

We have grown from 2 chaps in a van to a team of 5, soon to be 6 full time.

We came into this with outward thinking, what can we do for children in conflict. What we ended up with has been unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE.

We’ve received huge amounts of inspiration, guidance, mentoring, coaching and encouragement from many of the B1G1 community, but particularly from Daniel Priestley, Aynsley Damery, Masami Sato and of course Paul Dunn.

The aim now is to get 365 days of education every month. We continue to think outwardly, we continue to follow our vision, and we will hopefully continue to get better and better.

Thank you to everyone from myself, Des and the rest of the Combat Pest Control team.

This is a guest post by B1G1 Business for Good member Michael Coates of Combat Pest Control.

Combat Pest Control fight pests and protect families, properties and businesses – all over London, and further afield. Whether its rats or mice, moths or bed bugs, no one likes to discover unwanted visitors – especially when they’re a risk to your children, your customers or your employees. So we act swiftly. We rid pests with military precision. And we give you all the support and advice you need to live a pest-free life.


Michael Coates

Michael is the Co-Founder of Combat Pest Control, a B1G1 Business for Good member. He is the Winner of the MOD's Gold Award in Employer Recognition and an advocate for injured service personnel.

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