Celebrating the B1G1 Global Awards 2020-2021

Business Stories Jul 27, 2021


Before we even begin to talk about some of the finalists and winners of various awards, I want to congratulate you and all of your fellow B1G1 Members, their team members and their partners.

That’s because our collective efforts have driven this movement to create over 247 million impacts already. And we’re on track to create millions more smiles in the world.

It couldn’t have been possible without every single person who believed in the vision and the simple idea of ‘creating a world full of giving together’ by embedding effective giving in everyday business activities.

And it’s such a pleasure for us to announce this year’s Finalists and Winners of B1G1 Awards. These awards recognise the great giving activities by businesses and their teams around the world in the year 2020.

Let’s begin with the new ‘Special Recognition’ awards category.


Geographic Giving Award

This ‘Geographic’ award is awarded to companies with a great reach of giving, creating impacts in many countries and regions. Although this is not a regular award in B1G1, we wanted to showcase some unique ways our members are giving. So, here are two of the members recognised for their unique giving across many countries.

Well done Seblan Medical Pty Ltd and EllisKnight International Recruitment for receiving this recognition this year.  

Employee of the Year Award

This is also our first time to recognize a Team Member of a company as the top contributor of the B1G1 Movement, using their personal B1G1 Employee Account.

Congratulations, Peter and Jessica Fowler from Collins Hume, who also welcomed a new addition to the family (and into the world!). Thank you so much for showing your amazing generosity by personally supporting so many B1G1 projects.  

Unique Giving Story Award

This award is given to companies that share unique and creative ways of implementing giving in their work. We want to recognize Heather Yelland from The Elevation Company for inspiring so many young people through the Green SuperCamp Australia and Stuart Harris from Team Building Asia for the amazing SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Game to turn corporate team-bonding events into impact-creating activities.

Impact Pages of the Year

This award goes to the highest rated Impact Page created by B1G1 Members. And the judges this year selected these two Impact Pages.

Congratulations to James Hill from Prescript Recruitment and Brody Lee from Beyond Impact. Thank you for being such great Giving Business examples!


Now, let’s get to the Main Awards. These are the top achievers demonstrating the core values of the B1G1 Movement: IMPACT, HABIT, CONNECTION and GENEROSITY.

Impact Award

First, let’s meet all of the finalists of this year’s Impact Award.

And here is the Runner-up of the Impact Award. Congratulations, Chris Beks and the Ceebek - Business Solutions for GOOD team!

And the Winner is……

Congratulations, Adam Houlahan and the Prominence Global team! We are so privileged to see the amazing impacts you are creating and the way you are growing your business (and the impact as a result).

Habit Award

This award recognises the companies that successfully created great giving habits. And here are all of the finalists of this year’s Habit Award.

And here is the Runner-up of the Habit Award. Congratulations, Stuart Anthony and the Raisr Limited team!

And the Winner is……

Congratulations, Jessica Pillow and the Pillow May team for receiving this award for 2 consecutive years! Thank you so much for setting an important example in the B1G1 Community.

Connection Award

This award goes to companies that have created the most number of giving businesses through their influence. First let’s meet all of the finalists of this year’s Connection Award.

And here is the Runner-up of the Connection Award. Congratulations, Kary Oberbrunner and the Igniting Souls team!

And the Winner is……

Congratulations, Steve! Your leadership, passion and conviction amazes us all. We are so lucky to have you in the B1G1 Movement.

Generosity Award

Finally, here is the most prestigious award in B1G1. These are companies that have shown their amazing generosity with their giving. They may not win in terms of the number of impacts, but their overall giving really pushed the boundary.

First, let’s meet all of the finalists of this year’s Generosity Award.

And here is the Runner-up of the Generosity Award. Congratulations, Denise and Mark Duffield-Thomas from the Denise DT team!

And the Winner is……

Congratulations, Karina Grassy and the Slumbersac team! We are so privileged to have your generosity leading this giving movement. Thank you for deeply embedding the giving spirit in your business and growing the impacts around the world with us over the years.


In conclusion, I want to thank all of the top achievers mentioned here for their work in championing the real giving spirit.

And at the same time, this really is a collective effort among all of the B1G1 Members, their teams and Worthy Causes around the world. Without you, we couldn’t have done it.

Finally, let me share the lovely messages we received from B1G1 Worthy Causes, their teams and beneficiaries at the end of last year.

The year 2020 was an extraordinarily challenging year for all of us. But we are still here, taking strides to create the world full of giving that we believe in.

Thank you for your smiles, your tears, your stories, and your impact. We look forward to celebrating so many more moments, days, and years of impactful connections with you.

Masami Sato

Masami is the founder and CEO of B1G1 and is the guiding light behind almost every project in B1G1! She is one of the most humble and inspiring people you’ll ever meet.

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