How Businesses for Good are Leading by Example

Business Stories Jun 16, 2023

One of the things we do at B1G1 is to constantly encourage businesses to reflect on the everyday activities they engage in and consider the positive difference that can be made through habitual, meaningful giving.

B1G1: Providing access to clean water through regular giving

Just for a moment, consider some of the everyday activities which take place in your business...

  • You send an email.
  • You bring a new client onboard.
  • You join a video call.
  • Someone subscribes to your newsletter.
  • You sell a product.

Some of these activities (and many others like them) could be so routine that you might not give them a second thought. But now you can transform every single one of these activities into an opportunity to create positive change.

For example, imagine if every time you did that ‘something’ in your business, you’re creating meaningful impacts around the world like these…

  • A family is given access to safe drinking water for a year.
  • A meal is rescued for a homeless person.
  • A tree is planted to protect the endangered orangutans.
  • An orphaned girl is given access to education for a week.
  • Bricks are provided to build a home for a family.
B1G1: Protecting endangered orangutans in Borneo

B1G1 Businesses Leading By Example

At B1G1, thousands of businesses are creating sustainable business practices already by doing just that and transforming their everyday actions into positive forces for good.

Like Ravi Rai and the team at Four Points Consulting in London who provide access to 28 days of education to students in the Philippines every time a new client chooses to work with their company. And their impacts don’t stop there, when they record a new podcast, they provide 365 days of literacy and business training for women in Uganda.

Heading over to Melbourne, Anne Marie and Nathan Coe at Melbourne-based coffee shop Coe and Coe, provide families in Ethiopia with access to clean drinking water when any coffee, juice or water is purchased by a customer. Since joining B1G1 almost a decade ago, they’ve provided a staggering 1,457,909 days of clean drinking water!

B1G1: Life-changing impact created by B1G1 Member, Coe and Coe

Recurring Impacts and Effortless Automation

The creation of these "Recurring Impacts" is incredibly quick and super-easy. And you can make them even easier by seamlessly integrating them into any business thanks to a range of automation tools (e.g. through Zapier, B1G1 can be connected to over 5,000 commonly used apps, such as Gmail, Zoom, Mailchimp and Instagram).

What’s more, embedding Recurring Impacts on your website can help to differentiate you from competitors who may not have the same level of commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. It can improve your company's reputation and credibility, increase customer engagement and loyalty, and contribute to a more sustainable and socially responsible business ecosystem.

B1G1: Recurring Impact created By Eileen Kastner-Delago

Increased Team Engagement

We love to see the joy created in a business that has social team engagement, which is why we encourage businesses to invite their team members to set up their own personal B1G1 accounts so that they too can connect their own activities to impacts to hundreds of carefully vetted B1G1 projects. Celebrating a birthday, completing a run, or reading a book can all trigger positive impacts elsewhere in the world, as well as increased engagement among team members.

As Dave Holby-Wolinski, the Director of UK-based Includability puts it: “B1G1 is ingrained into everything we do. We love it. We just absolutely love it. We love what it stands for and we love the excitement it generates within our team”.

B1G1: Team engagement 

If you’re not already a B1G1 member and would like to explore some of the simple yet powerful ways you can embed habitual, meaningful giving into the heart of your business through B1G1, we would love to hear from you! You can get in touch right here.

Jack Blenkinsopp

Jack loves connecting with businesses who are keen to learn more about the B1G1 Movement. He also loves coffee. A lot.

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